Dressing hair

“Black women and hair. I think there’s something there. Tales and stories in every strand. Be it real or fake. It’s tangled into a state; of reflection of its owners plate. Oily, dry, Afro, weaves or plaits. Be it getting ready for work, self expression or a date. Hair! Black hair. The metamorphosis every day depending on rain, shine or snow…it always shows, whether the coils compress or expand accordingly. It’s a show. Only those keen to see will be revealed the secrets deep within those dark black forests.”

Hair relaxed; under the steamer; women’s loud hearty laughter downstairs; mixed raced child bouncing off the wall to the boom boom pow from the radio…discussion points, ‘Put a ring on it’, ‘Amy Winehouse’, ‘Good housekeeping’…bye bye fro-b. Quote of the day: Black hairdresser,”Excuse me, I just have to quickly go spend a penny”. Anyway hands down, no matter where in the world you are, Ghanaians don’t play games with hair.

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