Snow black

…and the snow arrived. Touched warm coco coverings, melted and slid down cheeky crevices. I miss my enigmatic fro-queen and the days we would eat snow together…with a spoon!

Song: ‘Banmidele’ Asa

Today, parts of the earth have been decorated with white frosting. Thus Heathrow cancelled a third of scheduled flights and Algerians shovelled snow off their roofs to prevent them from caving in. A woman in Kabul struggles to carry water through the snow to her home; whilst my foundation year one partner slips and slides on the icy black driving home after an on call. Syrians continue to kill each other.

Silently…tucked away in the mountainous highlands near Ballanter, Scotland, my friend lays. He is camping with a big bon fire. The sky is so clear that the full moon scatters moonlight on the snow like daylight.

Ballanter, Scotland. Photo by Romain Sacchettini


2 thoughts on “Snow black

  1. Amazing BabZ I didn’t even remember I took that one. Reminds me of some good times. You should post some more , most of all we should take some more together and write new stories. It’s been too long we didn’t take the time to properly catch up…

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