Esperanza Spalding – Black Gold

Black Gold with a diamond soul

Think of all the strength you have in you

From the blood you carry within you

Ancient men, powerful men

Built us a civilization


Talib Kweli & Hi Tek – Love Language (Feat. Les Nubians)

We just don’t understand our fundamental differences
I’m still learning though, actually
I just do what comes naturally…

L’amour n’a pas de, frontiere

My soul is a witness

“Time is not the hard restriction to which we keep, always aware of where we stand in its relation. No, it is fluid and it flows around, over, through me, barely stroking my consciousness as my awereness of the world around me is swept away. Pulled away, a million smooth points of contact creating eddies and wakes, pulling at me, twisting me, turning me, leaving me a turbulent obstacle in a previously laminar and utterly silent force. I leave Terra to flirt with Chronos, dizzy, free, no longer bound and in this moment no clear cut conflict or desire for my liberation either.” ~A friend who wishes to remain anonymous.


Scrubbed for an organ retrieval this week. A young 47 year old gentleman who was in the intensive care unit brain dead. His wife and girlfriend agreed for the donation of his liver, kidneys and pancreas. We opened his chest, opened his abdomen, I felt his heart beat under the palm of my gloved hand. But he was dead. We watched his heart slowly rest its ember as he lay on the table. Lub-dub, the last heart beat…as the clocks of our lives continue to tick, ice melts as the artic sun rises, sperm somewhere breaks its way into an egg, love makes new life, bees land on delicate petals and pollinate. One man dies to save three others. Fire flies. Love.