Never there by David Omwange

Shes the song never sung

the battle never fought
the food for thought never tasted
the lost parable never taught
shes the eleventh commandment
the bridges we never crossed
the life we never lived
the time passed we never lost
shes the classic that will remain in fashion even after the future’s become history
a pain so profound
its feared by a million miseries
shes the flag never raised
the graffiti never sprayed
that blazing freedom alien to us human prisons
shes the beast we could never tame
shes the poetry never recited
the beauty you meet between the lines
the match never lighted
the light bulb that never sparked in Einstein’s mind
shes the one with no end
she never had a start
the torch so bright that it touched us beyond the deepest corners of our hearts
shes the nation Alexander couldn’t conquer
the armor the world’s weapons couldn’t penetrate
shes the questions upon which Aristotle never pondered
the heat a thousand blessed lovers couldn’t generate
shes the thought whose thought we never dared
the seed mother nature couldn’t nurture because of fruit too wild to bare
Although she was never there
this is the woman with which my deepest consciousness will eternally have an affair

-David Omwange


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