Super Bass – Nicki Minaj (Cover by @KarminMusic)


Throwback 2011. Karmin rocked the world with their cover of Busta Rhymes ‘Look at me now’. Not sure where she is now, but her covers were sick. This cover is aided by the fact that Ahmir-Khalib Thompson is hitting the bass with his drumming. I have a total crush on him.


I Love You More – Spoken Word


I said, “But Jesus, you’re not in my plans, I’m gonna propose, I hired the band, The flowers are bought, the candles are set, I paid for her friends to take her. To do her lashes and her nails, and I’ll go down on one knee just like in fairy tales.”

He said, “All the way down on one knee? Man, I hope you don’t bruise it. A competition with my affection, you will always lose it. Because you see I already did propose to her. But when I did it, my knees were broken. With ripped flesh and arms stretched wide open. And while you were paying for her lashes and nails, I paid for her; by taking her lashes, by taking her nails. Confessing my love, I said, ‘It is finished.’ As if she didn’t have to earn it; and that she could take that long list of lusted-after lovers, and burn it. And present to her the ring…oh the ring…that she would wear not on her but in her.”