E-Sir Ft. Brenda – Moss Moss


Lakini leo is for Kenyan vibes…


MTV Base Shuga 3

With much excitement Shuga 3 is back. It couldn’t have been more timely. World AIDS day. Africa has come some way in regards to HIV; with reduced infection rates in children and provision of HIV medication to infected persons. However, stigma still exists in many parts of Africa, along with much sexual violence against women and highly priced antiretroviral medication (much of which is still under patent). In our progress, I hope that we don’t aim to emulate the traditional Tswana dance comprising one step forward, two steps back…however, with the likes of the Zuma’s out there, who ‘shower to avoid HIV’, I often wonder about the people in power who control our purse strings, control our protection and our health. Where are we going Africa? With so much potential economic growth and investment, it would be a shame if HIV stunted this progress.

MTV base shuga episode one online: