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Women on Sex-documentary by Mmabatho Montsho

Finally African women are having the open conversation about sexual liberation. From the days where women were/are scared to ask a man to use a condom, and men claim that ‘you can’t eat a sweet with the wrapper on’…here is some real talk.

Some quotes from the documentary:

‘Sex is power, sex is money’

‘Your husband should deflower you’

‘Virginity…purity…around what.. a piece of flesh in your body’

‘If you wear something short…you must know you will be attacked’

‘Men feel its their job…to take……..like…who gave you that job…’

Documentary shot in South Africa by Mmabatho Montsho. She asks the key questions around gender, sex education, sexuality and what it means to the black African woman. A brief overview of how the modern generation are constructing it for themselves.