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Fashion picture of the day. Black on black on black


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Opening Scenes – An African City

Yay! Season 2 is here! More hotter than though African outfits, fierce independent black women, pieces of home with an urban modern twist.

Urban steal: Christie Brown

We love Ghanaian based designer Christie Brown and her decadent Winter 2015 collection.

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Love family days. Slow jams on the road, we eat from each other's plates, watch the kids play. #sundaybliss
One of the most beautiful ornaments you can wear is #peace. 
Peace and joy arises from within. 
A peaceful day for everybody.✨
📷: @72_photography
My little girl gave me this flower today. She said, "Mommy I have a gift for you, this is for a real girl." Had to share.🌸
Hope you caught me on #sistahood this morning. Have a lovely saturday.❤️ #posted #weekend 📷: @72_photography
Because they are lovely.💐🌸
Find your happy pace, it really doesn't matter the pace, it's yours. Experience will teach you how important it is to keep going. In the end we will all finish.... eventually. #midweekmotivation
This is how I choose to start my day, it is so important to keep eating healthy & not skipping a meal. I am really happy to get back to it again. #healthymeal #breakfast #healthylifestyle
Hopscotch. Teaching her how to play, you're never to old to hop. #hopscotch #love #familyday. #gameswefindonthestreet
Yes we have gravity defying hair but our natural hair does grow in its kinky coily state. I also do understand wash days are incredibly difficult & painful for her but one day she will thank me & understand. One day she will understand the full story.  #kinkyisbeautiful #blackisbeautiful #naturalhair #4CHairChick #kinkandcoils #naturalrocks
It all starts off as a dream, then you realize it can become reality. #neverstopdreaming
Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.
This year is the beginning of a new journey & embracing all new experiences & challenges. I have never felt more ready to take the first step to my destiny. #higherlevels
You make me laugh till my tummy hurts. These memories we share.❤️ love you guys.
The one thing I admire about the locals, is their hospitality and spirit of respect & generosity.  ขอบคุณ K̄hxbkhuṇ🙏🏽
Probably thee most chilled person I've ever known. ❤️ #KohSamui #waterfun
"I will stay with you through the ups and the downs."🎼...Playing in my head whilst up there. #KohSamui
Don't ever let me go. Fly with me💙#KohSamui
Found this lovely swing whilst walking. I had to keep jumping into the water to cool off. ☀️☀️
Enjoying the water. It's so hot you can only be in the water. #waterfun
Today is probably the hottest day, I have had to jump into the water a number of times to cool off. #KohSamui
Breakfast and starting the day. #KohSamui
It's been great.
Paradise😍😍 an adventurous day, I truly enjoyed exploring the island. Planet earth #throughnanzyeeeyes
I am not perfect, my life is not perfect but my God is and I choose to dwell on his blessings, & not my imperfections. #whatasighttosee #Godisgood
Just before the #kayaking.
Queen of spamming. Sharing the beauty around me. Forgive me oh!
We've been to 4 islands today. They even tried to convince me about JamesBond island.
Row row row your #kayak gently down to #paradise🌴. Merrily merrily merrily. Life is but a dream.
It was worth #hiking all the way up for a beautiful view of #paradise🌴 by the time I got up here each & every sweat gland in my body had burst. Exploring the #islands. #hiking
A ray of light flickers in the sky. #paradise🌴
Off I go!! Some exercise. 🚤
Sharing some of the pics I took. Exploring the different #islands #paradise🌴
Snorkeling and the water is warm, coral was ok, over fishing has destroyed the reef. We must say our goodbyes to seafood.🤔
Today we are exploring the islands and taking it all in. This is #paradise.
This moment for me is everything. Pure bliss, just watching it all go down. I love this time of the day.
A lovely day.💙☀️🌊
Beachtime🌴🌊☀️ #Sunkissed
Palm trees and blue skies #KohSamui #islandlife
Poolside chilling☀️🍹
Relaxing day.🌴🌴 #KohSamui
This holiday has been incredible have made many friends & was granted opportunity to get to know so many different people. I treasure that. #KohSamui
Another beautiful day on the island. #KohSamui
Dinner tonight.
This is one of my favorite pics of @kyle.s.zietsman & @priyeshka. We were walking out to find a great spot for lunch.
Lovely restaurant with great views. #KohSamui
Made a new friend today and his name is Twain. He was so friendly & interactive. Towards the end of the trek after a discussion with the driver & asking numerous questions, I got to learn what it meant for Twain to have me on his back. This has been an eye opening experience. #welearneveryday #elephanttrekking #thailand
A pic of them swimming at the bottom of the waterfall.❤️ #KohSamui #namuangwaterfall
Chasing #waterfalls. #KohSamui #namuangwaterfall
One of the easiest ways to move around. #scooter #islandlife #KohSamui
Exploring the beautiful #island #namuangwaterfall #KohSamui
I stayed up to watch the sunrise this morning, just watching it rise was a perfect reminder of the love of the Lord. #KohSamui #sunrise #spectacular #thailandluxe #itiswell
Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are, it solely relies on what you think.
---Gautama Buddha 
#love #happiness #joy
The food here is the best! I am sorry Mexico you were leading but Thai street food is amazing. #pineapplejuice so fresh! #KohSamui
We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.-Buddha
#bigbuddhatemple #KohSamui
Stunning views from the temple.
Paying my respect to the Big Buddha.🙏🏽 walked to the #bigbuddhatemple
Another beautiful view. #KohSamui
A beautiful #sunset #KohSamui
Dinner on the beach.
Much needed after a hectic night. #sunstmassages
Let it be a year of #noworries. If it falls off don't worry will put it back on, if it breaks, no worry will fix it again. That's life it's a rollercoaster & we appreciate all the highs, lows & bumps. #KohSamui🌴
Yes it's a new year but nothing has changed still going to feed my obsession with nature. There is too much to appreciate. Can't get enough. #KohSamui 🌴🌴
We all shine the moon and the stars and the sun...we all shine on...come on and on and on.....-John Lennon 
#happy2016 #KohSamui
It's a beautiful world.
New Years Day, a fresh start, a new chapter in life waiting to be written. A new year full of the unknown, another great opportunity to try something new, to live, learn, to push yourself, to change yourself, change your world, to do the things you have never done before. 01-01-2016
#KohSamui🌴 #thailandluxe #newyearday2016
Happy New Year!!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😘😘😘 have a blessed year!!❤️
45 minutes till midnight!!! Final countdown!!! From Bangkok--> Koh Samui---> Koh Phangan. Traveling with these guys has been incredible. Fam!!!❤️❤️ Happy New Year!!🎉
2016 we are almost there. #KohSamui🌴
Happy New Year everybody!! As the countdown begins, would like to thank you for a  beautiful 2015 may you enter the New Year in peace. Thank you for allowing me into your space & feed.🙏🏽 🎉🎈🎉 sending love all around.😘
Last day of the year. #KohSamui🌴
#KohSamui🌴 #NYE
#KohSamui you are beautiful😘 New Year's Eve beachtime in my @luxury_craft cossie. #islandlife 🌴🌴🌊☀️🌴🌴
📷: @priyeshka
Lovely morning from this beautiful island. #kohsamui. 
#islandlife 🌴🌴🌊☀️🌴
Discovering the world together.❤️ #traveldiariesbangkok
Stunning door😍
Taking the streets of #Bangkok
Tom yum koon. Loving Thai food.😋😋 #Bangkok #Thailand
Much needed after a long day...
A young pose by the pool. Enjoying this city. #Bangkok #Thailand
Relaxing by the pool.
Beautiful view.
Cocktails with hubby & @priyeshka @kyle.s.zietsman I am ready to discover this city🍸🍹 show me around.
Hello Bangkok... The universe has finally brought me to you.🙏🏽
Growing up too fast.💙
Delicious treats.
Merry Christmas from our family to yours.❤️
Christmas usually has a bit of rain, today it's sunny and warm.
Christmas starters, downhill from here. Eating everything today. #nochill
Merry Christmas everybody!!🎁 wishing you many blessings.
💕💕 we took it back to the beach.
A soothing moment, natures farewell kiss for the night.
I love sunsets and wherever we travel I enjoy capturing the sunrise & sunsets all those pictures I have captured over the years are a reminder of my own place in the universe. #sunsets #happydaysofsummer
Happiness, joy & contentment is an individual's creation. 
#live #light #freedom
Favourite moments... ❤️
We'll be catching sunsets till eternity.
Summer living. #summerdays
Always turn your face towards the sun, and the shadows will fall behind you. 
Soaking up the sun. #capetown
Appreciating the mother city and its glorious weather.
Breakfast with a view.
My healing place the ocean.
Loving the beach and late sunsets. #familyvacation🌴☀️🌊
Lazy summer mornings...
Catching the sunrise.🙏🏽💙
Beach days...🌴🌊☀️
There are those times when he surprises me, went on a walk early this morning so I could capture the sunrise. He is so kind. #happymomentscaptured
Sun kissed.🌴☀️🌊 #familyfun
Goodmorning, a beautiful day it is.
Late lunch on the #beach.
Cheers to creating more memories.
Happy weekend.😘
Think I need a holiday too.. It's that time.
I know it's holiday season and eating right may be difficult, it's important not to skip meals. 
#healthyhabits #cleaneating
The aftermath of a public holiday. Spending this morning cleaning up yesterday's mess, why can't people enjoy themselves without turning fun into violence. So many stabs & trauma. Stop with the violence. Let's have ourselves a #peaceful December. #casualty
Love summer, chasing sunsets.
Great afternoon hanging out with this angel.
These angels of mine have been a wonderful gift to me and I cherish the time we spend together. 
#familymoments #love #myinnerpeace
Had a lovely weekend, back at work and missing this place.
A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are – even if you are getting older. That's what you have always been all these years a wonderful friend. My dear friend @drsmilelexleo so excited to share this special birthday with you. May you continue to have that beautiful spirit of blessing others. Thank you for a fun filled sunday.
This is my option.😃
#healthyeating #cleaneating  #lifestyle. #goodeatinghabits
Yesterday wedding.
Breakfast but none of these are my option.
Hello from the other side...
A beautiful day with my rock. It's our anniversary too.
A beautiful ceremony by the beach. 
A very early morning for my cousin Siphu who has brought so much joy into our lives. 
I’ve watched you grow up and build a successful life
And now that your wedding day has finally arrived
I’m wishing you all the best as you begin your marriage. Enroute to a beautiful ceremony. #love #happiness
It's so important to keep hydrated in this unbearable heat. @thickleeyonce now where is that little monkey to side eye my fruit.😃 #dololosummerbody.
After a busy night at the hospital  and an early morning interview, I am happy to be back at Follaine for some relaxation & treatments. Feeling spoilt today.☺️
When you understand who you are by knowing what God created you to do, you have no room for becoming envious over what someone else is doing. -Israelmore Ayivor.
#remainyourself #believe #trust #faith #yourjourney.
I have managed to take a pic of the lipstick I was wearing from @maccosmetics two Saturday's ago. It's the new MAC Retro Matte Lipstick. This particular one is called High Drama. These will be out Feb 2016. @aamandermomoza this is for you. #maccosmeticsza
Hope you are having yourself a lovely sunday.😘
Lovely sunday afternoon with the family.
Spending the day with my little girls. Thank you @olwe2lesh for hosting us enjoying the picnic. #mommetime
Today marks exactly 2 years since your passing. Your words & doings remain with us. Your paths so inspiring, so grateful to have lived in your time, your body may not be with us but your soul is always around us.
Tata Mandela you will always be remembered.
Never gone.
Never forgotten.
Ahhh Dalibhunga Madiba. 
Lala ngoxolo #Tata #Thembu #NelsonMandela. ❤️🙏🏽
It took me a while to respond because I genuinely didn't think she would respond to my post because she is a busy lady. I am so humbled by your kind words & appreciation @gabunion thank you, the warmth and smile you have placed in my heart is immeasurable. Thank for sharing your wedding video with us, it's an authentic reminder of the true essence of love & faith. Have a blessed marriage. Guess we are stuck with each other now☺ please do visit my side of the world. #stayforeverblessed #stayhappy.
I don't normally do this but I thought I might just share how I can't stop watching this lady's #wedding video. The first time I watched I might have shed a young thug tear,😓 but boy she looks so radiant, & happy. The entire video is enough for us to see she is living a romantic comedy fantasy, my favourite part after the vows. Have u seen it? let me know. If you haven't #getaboxoftissuesready #gabrielleunion #gabrielleunionwade
Yesterday @follaine love it.❤️
Loving whites, creams and nudes this summer.
Spending this beautiful afternoon @follaine with my friend @thabangmoalusi. Your mind is magic, every time I walk into your health & beauty boutique I feel completely #refreshed. So proud of your work & what you have done with your health & beauty boutique. #womenleaders #success #womeninbusiness.
New month, new intentions, new goals, new light, and new beginnings. We welcome December on #worldaidsday2015
Starting the day right with the most important meal my breakie this morning. 
#healthy #eatingclean #lifestyle.
Saturday with @msyols @accordingtojerri
Wearing one of my favourite kicks. 
Comfort over everything. Will be on the blog. #kicks #sneakers 📷: @thesivu
Forget your own lane & create your own highway....@ilovemelmo does it best @tseps_sa. #fashionHighTea 📷: @thesivu
The beginning is always today, the future begins today and every new day, new week full of things that have never been. 
Great week to all. #freshstart #newweeknewstart
Yesterday @ilovemelmo #GordonsHighGandT @thesivu.
📷: @tseps_sa
#GordonsHighGandT with these beautiful ladies. #melmohightea.
Currently @ilovemelmo #hightea #GordonsHighGandT
Happy Friday!!
#FBF weekend in #EL. 
Now that I am working on a new project I have become more aware of architecture & design. #openspace
Breakfast this morning, going to make my own vegetable smoothie, I didn't have all of the ingredients. #healthylifestyle #foodie #cleaneating.
This is all @lulamawolf work so creative.
All ready for autumn/winter 2016. Thanx to @maccosmetics #maccosmeticsza #mactrends will share more.
Wearing my mules...
Mother city for autumn/winter 2016 Trends. M•A•C
Midweek all white party....
#JCExperience. Last night.
I love #summer.🌴☀️
I enjoy looking for yummy, healthy breakfast meals via @yumydrinks.
Catch more today on
📷: @zeazama
Getting some fuel.
An incredible afternoon, had the pleasure of being interviewed by the beautiful Dubai based blogger & creative writer @limabrown_ to have had an opportunity to sit with you was not only insightful but fresh air, connecting over the things we love. Thank you so much.❤️
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Many times we are left with beautiful memories...
Makeup: @makeupbyellenor 
Hair: @moriribylesedi 
Happy weekend.👣
Hello FRIDAY!! The golden child of the weekday. The #superhero of the workweek. The famous F word we thank God for. Good to see you are finally here. Happy weekend everybody may it be filled with #adventure & #cheer.😘 #TGIF!! 📷: @lunga_life
Let's take it back to the #beach. #TBT last year December #Zanzibar celebrating our #anniversary. ☀️🌴🌴👙 📷: hubby
All I have ever wanted... a healthy, balanced & quality life. I am a product of my thoughts & dreams and yes I am living the life that I envisioned as a little girl, yet I am still dreaming bigger. #neverstopdreaming #gottakeepworking #workhard #worksmarter #TBT
📷: @lunga_life
Looking for the pair in the middle.
With everyone so busy lately, thank the Lord we still have friends that pick us up for a meal.  #bondingsession #friendship #laughter
This lipstick is +/- equivalent to the SA disability grant. Get out of here.💄 #darenottoloseit
#canmissme #reviewsplease
Hope you having a splendid Sunday.😘 #familyday #love #peace.
Eating healthy & clean.
TGIF!!! Mood. 📷: @72_photography
Casual Friday.
Loving my kicks, perfect for the weekend & traveling.
#adidas #sneakers #freshtodeath #sneakers #comfort.
Everyone has their own definition of a healthy lifestyle, and mine has come to mean making #health a priority. Thank you @holstersa for these comfortable sneakers, running up & down hospital streets has been so easy.💕
Love this pic isn't she so can appreciate this warm smile.
The best life, is a healthy active life.
#fitness #health #endorphins
Enjoying playing around with these at the moment.
Life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage. ~ Anias Nian
Be courageous with your thoughts & actions & watch your life expand.✨
Dress: @blue_chic_sa 
Image: @72_photography
Happy Birthday!!!
Words alone are not enough to express how happy I am you are celebrating another year of your life. Happy birthday. My wish for you on your birthday is that you are, and will always be, #happy and #healthy! Don’t ever change. Continue to love life and never stop dreaming. 
Thank you for the gift of friendship & love.
Going to miss this place. Creating memories with my girls.
#lamercy #happiness
Wearing my fav @holstersa. 
Love these they are best especially for beach days.🌊☀️🌴
#holsterlove #jellyshoes
The girls and I enjoying the day at the beach.☀️🌊🌴 #summer
Last night...
My baby girls & I woke up to this beautiful view..... My daughter just asked me is there more past or is there more future mommy?
Just picked up Azi.💕💕 #halloweenvibes🎃
Right! Years are flying like its no thing.
It is because of his own purpose and grace that he saved us and called us to a holy life. 
This day makes my heart full. Thank you my Tsungi Tsungi @tsu_ngi for sweating on this day, you even sustained a burn injury to ensure I looked like a #bride.
One of my fav outfits I wore in #NYC
Throwback to one of the most memorable days of my existence, #myweddingweekend. I can never forget the day, the happiness contained in my heart. 📷: @zarazoophotography
“It’s handled.”- Olivia Pope
Thank you @blue_chic_sa for this coat dress, it was perfect for my #olviapope inspired look.
Photo by: @72_photography 
Edit: @elijah_semosa
Lunch time.. My lifestyle always changes when it's call times.
Take that chance, in the end we will only regret the chances we didn't take.
Shot by: @72_photography
Flowers can really light up hearts and rooms.
Last week details...
I refused to load any of my fashion pics last week, I felt that conversation needed a pause.
But here again...
Coat dress: @blue_chic_sa 
Shot by: @72_photography 
Edited: @elijah_semosa
Always the best time of the day....💕
Have an awesome, productive and #blessed week everybody.😘
Last week of the month.
All the best to all the matric students with their exams.
Afternoon spent on the beach. 🌊 it's the small things that make me happy.
Beautiful scenery...🌊☀️
Enjoying a lovely walk on the #beach. #happysunday
It was a beautiful day yesterday, I am grateful for the foundation laid by my grandfather regarding the value of #Education, it is priceless at any age. 
#graduationparty🎓 #dabsigraduationparty
#family #love #familyvalues
This celebration & appreciation came at the right time, to truly inspire the young at home & continue to fight & be hungry for knowledge.
It's a beautiful day.... ☀️🌊
On our way to my grandad's..
#graduationparty🎓 without our gowns.
This day came at the right time. My #grandfather hosting a graduation party for my Dabsy, and celebrating Education in our family. We give thanks to the Lord for the blessings & opportunities, And we say #Educationforlife.
Good morning it's lovely to be here, with my darling @ms_mousse_ 💕
Now that I know that #FeesHavefallen I can now have a good weekend & be with my family. Well done to this generation for showing bravery, perseverance and resilience. You did well are proud of you. #feeshavefallen✊✊ #Educationforlife
With WIts SRC member Amu moments before the chaos. 
Together we stand. 
Together we rise.
#SAFW #FeesMustFall #nationalshutdown✊✊✊✊✊
Couldn't make it to #SAFW after Luthuli House but glad to see there was movement on the runway.
We are calling all young professionals to take the time out & head out and support our students, if you are in the Johannesburg area and you are willing to donate refreshments, food and water. My friend @thesivu and I are collecting to take to WITS. DM me or @thesivu. Are you in? Sometime ago you were a student too....#studentsneedfood. Be on the right side of history.
Currently outside #parliament.
Astounded #historicprotest.
A lover of blue skies and palm trees....🌴🌴 Coat: @blue_chic_sa 
Image shot by: @72_photography
Edited by: @elijah_semosa
Last night at the Opening party of @safashionweek with @tumivoster. 
#drinkblack #cruzvodka
📷: @yangamadlala
This afternoon... Just need to get back to #healthville this week.
It's all about creating memories...
Cheers to us making more memories....💕💕 #sundayselfie
Great weekend....
Hope you all had a lovely one.💕
Just because it's our favourite family hang out spot.💕🌸💐🌺
Cheat days are good...
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